Our history

Our story begins in 2004, when Aquall was founded, a company with the purpose of developing sustainable technologies for water treatment.

At that time, we created our first chlorine generator, using an innovative method for disinfecting water. Transforming table salt into chlorine through electrolysis, we began to produce sodium hypochlorite on the spot. A safe, effective and inexpensive solution.

CORSAN (Passo Fundo/RS — Brazil)

In 2007, we had our most important recognition, a milestone in our history, when we started supplying equipment to CORSAN (Cia. Riograndense de Saneamento) for the treatment of water consumed by millions of the state residents. This partnership today has more than 400 pieces of equipment in 92 locations.

Anderson Baseggio Nunes, CEO

With investment in research and development, we have been perfecting our products, creating new, more complex and automated equipment. In 2014, the company was rebranded as Aquatronic, to better conveys its attributes: developing technology for water.

Today, Aquatronic has customers in all regions of Brazil, serving sanitation companies, industries, hotels, water parks and social clubs, among others.

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